Senin, 19 Januari 2015

When a mother, its not just a 'mother'...

Dear Readers,

Its been a while for me being a silent reader for this endless topic..
A working mom.. is it an option or a choice? or Neither one of them?

Let see it from different angles, ladies..

First of all, being a mother.. is not easy..
Its far from being easy.. It carries big responsibilities, from the day you are carrying the fetus inside.
Things change... Priorities change... even the person change...

For working mom, its even worse.. Time management is essential.. so much until sometimes, you forget to have time for yourself.. You forget the fact that you are having a -centre of your universe to be- in which make you even a lot more special than before.. So, having this Gift from God, means that you have to treat yourself better than before..  

For some of you, working is more than just to have your self esteem.. it is more than that.. you might need to make your living.. maybe, your spouse just didnt make it enough for you to reach a proper lifestyle. I have to stay proper, since the standard is different for every house. Or, you might have set your own goal in life.. and you need to work harder to achieve it... as i mentioned, not everyone has a privilege to be a stay-at-home mom.. 

Some might able to say.. Well you can try to work from home as free consultant, member of Multi Level Marketing, having an online shop, and the list are adding up... 

But, its not easy as well..              

Let me tell you something, Parenting is not something that you pick up from nowhere.. It is earn.. its an option as well.. Being a mother is always a full-time job.. doesnt really matter whether you are a working mom or stay-at-home mom. You are still a mother whether you are there or not.. There are advantages and disadvantages for every position you are in..  Quality of parenting is not a relative measure.. It doesnt mean when you are growing up with a working-mom, you'll be worse than the other who grow-up with a stay-at-home mom, just because there are more constraints of time. 

I dont know about you, but for me, living in a male-dominated-world,I always believe that there are risk that you take for everything. So, whether you are a working-mom or stay-at-home mom, both are highly respected career. I must say, HIGHLY RESPECTED, as not everyone is gifted to experience as a mother. And there are no such standard, on how you can be called as a good mother.. this is for real.. 

All of us, are trying hard to raise them rite, according to our standard. 
That is why, we have to choose, we have to decide, we have to try harder on how to work things out.. Sometimes, we even have sacrifices to reach our goal, and none of us really care about it. Because as a mother, we all have the same purpose.. to bring our children, raise them well enough, set them ready to face the world.. 

My writings will not be judgmental, on whether you are a working mom or stay-at-home mom. Both are moms, and none of us have the rights to make any negative comments about it.. I mean it.. 

Seriously.. i think we should stand together, hand-in-hand, realizing that we, mothers of the next generation have the same purpose, to raise them well, so they can create a better world.. 

I believe that we already got headache with lots of things, and we shouldnt add some more in our head... 

Stop judging, help others when you are able to do so.. After all, we are have the same purpose, rite... Why should be make a fuss in a little things and forgetting the bigger picture? 

Its not easy being a working mom (trust me, i am a working mom.. ); and I know that being a stay-at-home mom, is not easy as well.. 

So, i respect both, and i hope everyone else do too.. 

Nitey-nitey, everyone.. 

#written as part of my concern of an endless silly discussions
18 jan 2015


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