Jumat, 27 Juni 2008

BDCK.. dan suguhan lainnya.

yang ini BDCK anak2 waktu ulang tahun.. hehehe.. keliatannya siey bagus.. coba aslinya.. Mati gaya.. asli dhe..
BAsenya choc cake andalan nyokap.. resepnya mirip2 butter cake ato pound cake.. terus.. dihias fondant.. secara gw.. masi blank soal butter cream..
dalamnya dilapis pake blueberry whippy cream plus blackcherry..
Soal rasa.. anak2 ga ada yang komplen siey.. hehehehe..
Resepnya menyusul yaa...

Senin, 23 Juni 2008

Happy Birthday .. mijn kinderen..

Selamat Ulang tahun ya nak.. Terima kasih sudah jadi anak-anak yang shaleha dan shaleh..

Mbak echa.. Putri ayah-bunda yang cantik.. sudah 2 tahun jadi anak ayah dan bunda.. terimakasih sudah jadi anak yang pandai, shaleha.. Selalu ngingetin kami untuk shalat.. yang mendorong bunda untuk jadi lebih baik..

I love you princess.. Semoga sehat selalu.. tambah pinter.. jadi anak ayah dan bunda yang shaleha..

Adek Raffa.. jewel of my heart.. terima kasih banyak sudah melengkapi kebahagiaan ayah-bunda.. Terima kasih untuk seluruh ciumnya.. untuk jadi spirit ayah dan bunda.. yang selalu kebagian ngebangunin ayah bunda untuk shalat subuh..

I love you baby.. Semoga sehat selalu, tambah pintar, jadi orang yang shaleh.. amien..

Doa kami berdua.. selalu untuk kalian..

Kamis, 19 Juni 2008

Pasar Tradisional.. yuuuukkkk...


I love traditional market.. everywhere I go.. I prefer to go to the fresh market..instead a super duper hyper market..

Kunjungan ke pasar tradisional adalah salah satu agenda wajib saya di akhir minggu.. Entah kenapa, I enjoy every visits there.

Do you happen to know that the main ingredients to make rawon is hard to made? Kluwek.. or some people called it picung..or else, is originally came from a fruit that look alike a small jackfruit. IT has seed inside.. When its ripe, than you burried the fruit underground for around 3 days.. Afterward, we can called it Kluwek..

When i was in my younger age, I learn how to pick it, to avoid bitter taste in rawon.. since high quality spices will have high impact in its taste. Up till now, I managed to taste the different between good kluwek nut and bad one.

In the traditional market near my house, I find some rare - snakehead fresh water fish.. traditionally it called ikan gabus - most of us find these salted dry fish.. but there, i can still find fresh ones..

I dont dare to try.. The price for a kilo ranges from 25-35 thousand. Well.. maybe next time..

Else, other reasons why I found traditional market soo interesting.. I always found some funny taste- rare to find vegetables.. I shall inform you further what I found in my next posting..

Selasa, 17 Juni 2008

Dementor?? Iiihhhh

Pagi-pagi... gw dah sibuk blogging.. heheheh..

Udah setaun rasanya blum posting apa2.. jujur aja banyak banget yang mau dituangin di kepala.. waktu buat bloggingnya yang aga2 kurang bisa di manage :)

Pagi tadi.. iseng2 buka salah satu blog.. isinya tentang Dementor..

Buat yang udah pernah baca Harry potter.. pasti tau Dementor apaan.. It is a creature that sucks happiness from other people. .. Baca positingan si Mbot.. pemilik blog itu..bikin gw realize.. bahwa di kehidupan sehari-hari.. banyak banget yang bisa digolongin jadi Dementor..

Gw cuman takut.. naudzubillah.. jangan sampe gw jadi salah satu Dementor itu.. Banyak banget..terutama belakangan ini di kantor.. whom i felt suck my happiness..

Like what i wrote in my last posting.. I used to fall in love with this office, this environment.. SEkarang pelan-pelan rasa itu pupus.. gw agak 2 ilfeel sama kerjaan.. It could be because I had enough..more works to do.. but only a few things that I can learn..

I felt so intimidating when im around the dementor.. Cant hardly say the specific name.. but after reading the post, and some inspiring articles.. I believe its time for me to stand up.. facing what's in front of me.. saying whats right is right.. and speak out loud.. As long as I kept my manner.. I believe I can hang on here..

To be truth.. I am looking for a new job now.. I actually want it to be part of the operation division - as I got some scholarship from BI - which is a bit useless in my current post. But, if I left, it;ll be damn hard to get someone doing my job - who can use the word Assist instead of backing up.. or even support instead of doing hanky panky...

Dementor, sometimes can change into a dark angel.. if you can see what I meant.. it wont suck happiness directly, it will add some pleasure but pain in the end.. geeezzzz...

I miss all my friend @ N2.. I miss this office in the old days.. Most of my friends left already.. People that I admire left for good.. my fellow sister will be leaving soon.. I dont know who will follow her step next month..

Sabtu, 07 Juni 2008

Blueberry pancake

alternatif sarapan saat bosan

bahan2 :

250 gr tepung

1/2 sdt bp

vanilla pasta secukupnya

3 btr telur antero

4 sdm susu bubuk

3 sdm mentega - dicairkan

7gr fermipan

6-8 sdm gula

Cara membuat :

semua bahan kecuali mentega cair diaduk, ditambah air secukupnya...

Adonan harus lebih kental dari pada kulit risoles.. set aside for 30-45 minutes

Tambah mentega.. aduk rata..

Panggang dengan teflon, setiap pancake membutuhkan 2 sdm adonan

Bahan2 topping :

150 gr blueberry paletta

5 sdm air matang untuk mencairkan paletta - shiga bisa disiram diatas pancake

skm putih secukupnya..

Taraaaamm.. silahkan dicoba...


There are a few things that I adore in life.. book is one of them..

I dont spend my money much for valuables like any other woman.. but spend a lot to get books.. Still trying to read Laskar Pelangi from Andrea Hirata... But managed to finished two metropop novels yesterday..
I cant call myself a book worm.. but I adore reading.. I prefer to read in English, considering my limitation in speaking/understanding some words.. at least, im learning by reading some words and phrases..

A reason

They are my strength.. my reason to live day by day.. they cheer me up when im down..just by simply calling my name..
I love you guyz...

Kamis, 05 Juni 2008


Lots of reason why I treasure life... And lots of reason why I would not want to let anyone screwing my life..

@ work, i found lots of obstacles.. however I realize that.. sometimes we NEED to stay.. as my family is the priority.. Despite the atmosphere, and work condition that gets harsh day by day.. I decided to stay..

Will try to get my education done asap.. afterward, Maybe.. just maybe if things really get even worse, shall try to look around..

Senin, 02 Juni 2008

Reality Bites

Pagi ini.. sebuah pesan dari seorang teman baik mengejutkan saya..

Mbak.. I think Im gonna quit my job.. Well.. she told me an endless story of how could it happened..

I stunned.. a bit suprised, since I know as a single parent, she has a son to take care of, and lots of consideration that she must think of.. Well.. there gotta be something BIG.. I mean.. REALLY BIG that makes her decide that she really must go on..

My friend.. is one of the sweetest person that I ever met. .. She is a very strong person, but still sometimes can lost her insanity.. (just like me)... I keep reminding her that she's sweet, smart, but still some painful experience that hurt her psychologically, become her biggest obstacle in life.

But now, she has decided to LEAVE. Due to some jurk that work as her superior. I understand that to become manager, being smart is not the only thing.. but moreover, you have to put your self in the other chair.. have empathy.. be sympathic.. things that seems so easy to do, but people hardly do it.. They think if salary really matters, as the occupancy is getting high, you can get workers easily..

I have to admit that I got tired meeting this kind of people.. some people that think that they are high standard, but turn out to be a bunch of smart-asses.. And they keep forgetting something.. that employees are the company's assets.. they should not treat them like HELL....

What suprised me on this incident is because there's some verbal violent involved. For me, that's unacceptable.. thus, she also mentioned a bit sexual harrasment.. I believe if she can file a report that will be a total humiliation for the company..

This guy, when you meet him, doesnt seem pretty decent at all.. What I meant, even a blind-eye Moody can tell that he's a very (pse forgive my word).. picky... I can see it clearly ever since I met him.. I thought it was just a bad prejudice, however it turn out to be 100% true..

well.. what can I say.. I believe that God prepare the best for her.. Best of luck for my sweetie buddy.. .