Minggu, 27 September 2015

Bitterballen Kriwul - part of my journey

What is your treat for this weekend? 

Ours is a hearthy bitterballen... Growing up with my grand mother who happens to be a dutch descendant give me an awkward habbit as a young girl.. 

Yes.. im very used to have an afternoon tea with tasty bites.. and most of them i can still picture in my mind ..nom nom.. 

One of my fave is bitterballen.. 

Most of us might have address it as 'kroket ragut'.. but let me tell you.. its not krokettjes... as it doesnt have potato dough.. instead we are having ragout as their basic ingredients.. 

Let me give you my recipe (i modify my mom's recipe) : 

Ingredients : 
300 gr multi-purpose flour 
150 gr margarine 
1 cloves garlic - finely ground 
2 cloves shallots - finely chopped 
200 ml milk
75 gr shredded cheddar 
75 gr minced meat of chicken -boil with 200 ml of water, season with 1 tsp of salt and 2 tbs of sugar 
pepper and nutmeg - seasoned well 

2 egg - beat well 
1 tbs of flour - mix with half cup of water 
1 cup panko flour for breaded 

How to make : 
1. Warm the margarine - sauted garlic and shallots till its fragrant.. add flour - stir well 
2. Add milk, minced meat and the broth and cheddar.. 
3. Seasoned well - add pepper, nutmeg (I add 2 tbs of sugar too ..) 
4. when the dough is set, turn off the stove - set aside
5. take 1 tbs - make a ball shape - do all at once 
6. Prepare the solvent before you bread the ball 
7. Dip the ball and roll it on the breaded flour - set aside
8. Put the breaded ballen into the fridge for at least 30 minutes.. 
9. Deep fried till its light brown and serve warm with mayo 

Hope you like it.. i love having it with a cup of fragrant rose tea :) 
Have a lovely afternoon friendtjes..

Kamis, 24 September 2015

Satu hari di penghujung September

Satu hari di penghujung September...
Saat  hari-hari yang biasanya sudah dipenuhi rintik kecil gerimis maupun bau tanah selepas hujan.. Namun sampai saat ini masih dipenuhi kelembaban..

Kadang.. saya merasa kalau dunia ada di dalam genggaman..
Saat mendapati suami menatap penuh sayang,
Atau ketika terbangun dari tidur dan mendapati diri berada dalam pelukannya semalaman..

Kadang saya merasa bahwa Gusti Allah sangat bermurah hati dengan memberikan saya kelurga penuh cinta..
Iya .. sangat penuh cinta..
Ketika satu masalah selesai secepat masalah yang lain timbull.. dan semuanya dapat selesai dengan banyak pertimbangan.dan sejuta pelukan..

Kadang.. saya merasa lupa bersyukur.. atau bahkan terlena atas seluruh nikmat yang ada...
Saat terlalu memikirkan dunia..  #sigh..
Ketika terlewat memanjatkan doa untuk orang-orang terkasih yang sudah bersamaNya...
Atau tak paham ketika telah tiba saatnya untuk duduk diam dan berdoa..

Kadang saya merasa bawa sudah cukup berhak untuk bertanya padaNya..
atas seluruh rantaian peristiwa yang mengganggu rasa...


Padahal.. apa yang sudah diberikanNya?
Sepasang buah hati yang sehat lahir batin.. dan alhamdulillah sampai saat ini tak henti membuat saya bersyukur atas mereka...
Imam yang sangat paham makmumnya.. berbesar hati atas seluruh kekurangan bidadarinya..
dan memaklumi atas seluruh khilaf yang tercipta.. bahkan mengambil alih saat saya salah jalan..

Gustii Allah..
ijinkan saya.. di satu hari di penghujung September ini.. untuk kembali bersujud syukur padamu..
berterima kasih atas seluruh rizki yang berlimpah..

Atas iman Islam..
Atas keluarga dan teman-teman.. yang shalih shaliha.. dan senantiasa mengingatkanku atas kodratMu..
Matur suwun sanget .. karena memberikan kami lingkungan yang memudahkan kami untuk senantiasa mengingatMu.. serta bersujud padaMu..
We never have enough of You..

Jagakan kami.. serta keturunan kami dari seluruhh kesusahan di dunia dan akhirat.. tumbuhkan iman Islam kami.. dekatkan ukhuwahh kami.. mudahkan kami untuk senantiasa dapat berdzikir padaMu, Gusti..
Mudahkan kami untuk berprasangka baik.. jauhkan kami dari sifat suudzonn dan riya..

Aamiin ya Rabbal Aalamiin...

Jatisari, 24 Sept 2015
inspire by hubby morning message - when he have to be on duty during Eid Adha..
Luv.. matur suwun atas seluruh jihadnya..
We love you .. even more than you know..

Minggu, 20 September 2015

Easy-peasy Non bake Chese Cake

Hello everyone,

What a week .. Im trying to catch my breath while on the same time, trying my best to have a 'me-time' and quality time with kiddos as well..

Children loveess sweet things.. they have sweet tooth- just like me :) .. well, mine especially..
There have been times when they would like to have either pudding or ice cream of cheese cake.. and today - i decided to make a simple dessert - a comforting one - easy to make - non bake cheese cake.

The original recipe, of course was not mine.. But to tell you the truth, im taking a little of this and that from several recipes..

So, this is my recipe :

Easy-Peasy Non-Bake Cheese Cake

Bahan2 :
1 bks biscuit marie regal – roughly ground 
1 sachet skm putih
15 keping biscuit keju 

Bahan Cream cheese:
150 gr keju cheddar parut
1 bks susu dancow – dicairkan dengan 200 ml air
200 ml susu cair
6 sdm gula pasir
1 sdm munjung maizena – dicairkan dengan 2 sdm air

1 bks whip cream (saat ini pakai merk pondan)
240 ml caramel frappe instant (bisa diganti dengan susu cair atau air es)

Cara membuat :
11. Mix the roughly ground biscuit with melted margarine or butter ( i use 2 full tbs ) 
22. Make them as cake base - put them  in the fridge whilst you are making cheese melt 
33. Boil milk - add shredded cheddar and sugar. Let it boiled and add maize - turn the stove off , keep stirring until its warm. Put the chiz biscuit as another layer - put it back on the fridge. 
.   4. Next shall be whip cream. I am using one bottle of instant caramel frappe and mix it with vegetarian WC . Use a high-speed mixer  for 5 - 10 minutes till it set. Pour WC on top and let it freeze for another 30 minutes

   . And its ready to eat.. Have fuuunnnnn :) 

Sabtu, 12 September 2015

Macaroni Kukus - a hearty dish..

Dear Readers,

Rasanya dah lama banget gak turun gunung.. eh turun dapur :) ...
Setelah cek bahan-bahan di dapur.. i decided to make an easy peasy simple Macaroni Kukus..

Kedua pelangi hati kami sangat gemar macaroni.. sepertinya yang menyamai maconi ya hanya ragam mie-mie an..

Well,.. to cut the story short.. this is how to make an easy peasy simple dish :

Ingredients :

175 gram elbow macaroni - boiled al dente
1 big beef sausage (my ego, as i dont particularly like sausage :) .. )
150 ml plain milk
1 tbs salt
2 full tbs of cream sup - mix with 150 gr warm water, stir well ,
1 tbs of flour mix with 5 tbs water
3 eggs - lightly beaten
75 gr of shredded cheddar chese
salt and pepper to taste
1 tbs margarine

How to make :

1. Boil elbow macaroni till its al dente (more or less 10 min after the water boils) - rinse with cold water
2. Warm cream soup which already mix with water .. when its already turn into thick cream.. add the solution which consist of half cup of warm water mix with 1 tbs of multi purpose flour.. stir until it dissolve and blend. Add salt and pepper
3. Turn off the stove, keep stirring, add milk, and eggs.. - take half of it, mix with boiled macaroni..
4. Pour into the pan.. arrange the sausage and pour the rest of solution and sprinkle cheddar chese
5, Cover pan with aluminium foil - now steam it for around 30 minutes till it sets.

Have a hearty dish, everyone...

Minggu, 06 September 2015

Work work work

Dear Readers, 

I know that its been a while for me getting spider web in this blog around...
Yes.. forgive my inability to do a good time management, as always.. 

Been here and there.. 

Works -- both in office and home took most of my times.. 

After getting a full time position at P&O - yess company prefer to call it that way, instead of the usual HR, in which im doing Recruitment for 3 company. The job coverage includes participating in Job Fairs and in addition to it I also learn to prepare Job Profile and Job Desc .. This is not including assistance given for several employee engagement projects and some bit and tat :)..

Well, its not that im complaining but, its quite time consuming.. even though im trying to catch up the bloody 10 years (maybe) :D ..
However, my awkward time management has caused some chaos in this and that.. if i may say.. and to be frank, nothing that i regret :)

At time being, i m processing a MT program - which has caused me some confusion and mixed up feelings. The office asked me to participate into job fairs - in which started since May and June in Jakarta and Mid August in Jogja.. My first experience and i really need to convince my self to do so.

It was three fine events even in Jogja when i have to travel by my self, carrying two laptops and one projector.. Got some supports from my besties and the organizer, i found the event was so fruitfull and managed to bring more CV as candidates..

Well.. there are some more stages that i have to go through.. would likely going back to Jogja end of this month.. .

I'll tell you the story later, guyz..