Rabu, 09 Juli 2008

Divortiaree.. the book

You know,.. I just finished the latest book written by Ika Natassha - which title is Divortiare..

Well, i must say that she's quite a helluva writer.. meaning.. i love the way she writes.. I do.. after a very yuppy wedding - cant wait to read her next book..

What's inside the book is about a divorce.. divortiare - in italian word.. She include her daily activities in her writing - which amazed me.. ( i cant hardly do that.. ).. and open my eyes in several cases that happen in our daily life.

I have several frieds who are divorcees.. yet they had problems in getting divorce, unlike the story that ika told us in her book..

One thing for sure, i believe that we must focus in whats best.. not for ourself but to the children.. if you dont have any, and you want to be separated.. its a lot easier..

I cant tell you more, since I didnt get involve in any.. well.. some of close friends cases amazed me quite a lot.. some even doesnt make any sense..

Our children, mes ames.. always become the victim to any dispute that we and our spouse have.. Well, .in other word.. sometimes we have quarrell.. we didnt look at things from the same corner.. and its quite normal to have a 'discussion'... One thing that we must keep in mind.. think of your children.. what's best for them.. focus in them..

They are your jewel.. so you must focus in what's best for them, Ego is nothing compare to them..
Becoming parents is far from easy.. but it wouldnt be that hard if you want to take it one by one..

for me.. I am far from perfect. as a working mom.. I have less time to spend with my family, maybe only in weekend.. But im trying like hell to be.. at least a decent one..

Should not be too hard to try.. isnt it? Just by simply kiss them when you can.. and give them some hugz.. (my hubby will get more than that ..kekekekek... ).. at least.. show them that you adore them.. At least.. as a starter... Well.. im trying.. and still trying.. and never had enough of hugging them..

For me.. divortiare.. keep allll my effort to stay as furthest as i can..

Kamis, 03 Juli 2008

Introducing.. decorating w/ fondant

Gambar-gambar diatas itu .. diambil sekitar 3 bulan yang lalu.. Waktu saya sempatkan untuk berbagi ilmu dengan tetangga-tetangga..
Jadilahh.. berbagi seadanya.. dengan kemampuan dan pengetahuan yang secimprit.. kta bareng2 latihan bareng.. secara.. pengetahuan saya tentang fondant decorating juga sangat minim..
Hasilnya.. hmm.. NOT BAD... sampe besok hari.. masi ditonton2 ajah sama anak2 dan ibu2 yang gak ikutan..hehehe.. seneng juga sieyyy...
Mungkin.. minggu depan saya juga diminta tolong untuk berbagi ilmu dengan RT sebelah.. hehehe.. sebenernya malu juga siey.. kayak tau banyak.. padahal.. baru tau sekadarnya..
Tujuan saya hanya sharing.. mudah2an bisa membantu ibu2 di sekitar .. mudha2an juga bermanfaat.. bisa nambah2 penghasilan..
Kalau sudah kayak gitu.. hmm.. nikmat Tuhanmu yang manakah yang dapat didustakan??