Selasa, 27 Oktober 2015

Mie Schotel Istimewa.. - a comfort food for the children

Dear Readers,

Mungkin faktor cuaca, mungkin anak-anak terlalu lelah.. atau ibun yang kurang perhatian :|..

Tapi, semalam, anak-anak mendadak demam dan batuk-batuk.. dan benar saja, diagnosa dokter.. adalah Radang tenggorokan... Berhubung hal ini juga membuat mereka kesulitan menelan.. maka salah satu comfort food yang membuat mereka nyaman menelan.. ya .. Mie Schotel kukus..

Sengaja saya buat versi kukus yang memang lebih lembut ketimbang versi panggang ..
Versi saya seperti berikut : '

Mie Schotel Istimewa

Bahan-bahan :

1. Bungkus mie telur  - direbus al dente
2 sdm margarine, yang segera saya aduk dengan mie setelah ditiriskan
3 butir telur  - kocok lepas
250 ml susu cair
50 gr keju parut
4 slice keju lembaran
100 gr daging cincang
1 batang wortel - diparut halus
100 gr jamur kancing atau merang - diiris tipis
2 batang daun bawang - diiris halus
3 siung bawang merah
2 siung bawang putih
1 sdt kaldu ayam nie
gula garam dan lada sesuai selera
1sdm margarine dicirkan dengan 1/2 cup air dan dicmpur dalam kocokan tlur..

Cara membuat:

1. Panaskan 1 sdm minyak, masukkan 2 sdm margarin
2. Tumis bawang merah, bawang putih sampai harum, tambahkan daging cincang, diikuti wortel, jamur dan daun bawang..
3. Tambahkan gaaram, gula dan lada
4. rebus mie sampai al dente, tiriskan, campur dengan 2 sdm margarine . Biarkan agar menghangat..
5. Campur bahan isian dengan mie.. lalu tambahkan keju dan separuh campuran susu, telur, serta larutan maizena tadi, tak lupa tambahkan gula, lada, garam dan kaldu ayam ... pastikan rasanya pas..
6. Tuang pada loyang yang sudah disemir margarine
7. letakkan keju slice.. siram dengan sisa campuran susu/telur/maizena. Tutup dengan alumunium foil
8. Kukus kurang lebih 45 menit..
9. Ready to serve :) ..

Some may say that this is more than just a comfort food..
But its all it is to my children.. so.. Enjoy :D

Minggu, 18 Oktober 2015

GDP - an endless journey

Dear Readers..

This is one of the reason for my endless nights... discussions, headaches.. and SMILES...
Yes.. it was mix up feelings .. of lots of busy mind.. busy body.. and headaches..
Thousand of sorrow.. and millions of happiness.. as I finally complete half of the destinations..

Started on May.. when i have to start something new.. participating in a Job Fair in local university.. continue with another job fair in Jakarta.. continue with a free booth in Jogja.. the three brings me where i am now..

Days of endless discussion, twisting fingers and more are still on..
and i never regret doing so..

It is my first time, and surely wont be the last..

Its not a proper appreciation that i expect.. but the process and the smile those candidates put on their face that relief me.. it is their hope of getting a better future.. that just gave me some spirits to go on and on..
It is the good will .. as i set aside my ego and negative expression the witch gave me..

At the end.. with or without the witch.. show will go on.. if its not for the team.. the journey might have not started.. So.. for the betterment of those talented youngsters.. lets moving on.. keep going..

All the pain, tears, headaches and sweats will be paid at once..
And im so positive.. that Gusti Allah is with me all the way.. :)... So i should have nothing to worry..

Soon it will start.. and the journey continuous..
Bismillah.. hope it will all go well..

*bekasi, 25 oct 2015

Selasa, 06 Oktober 2015

Ketan Durian, A guilty yet a lovely dish.. :D

Hello there..

Ah yess.. for those durian lovers, i bet you know what i meant by taking the above title..
Durian.. is always a guilty pleasure :)..  high in calorie and fat.. not suitable for those who are having high cholesterol and blood pressure..

Anyway.. i will stop talking about how guilty it is.. and will get the recipe done..
These days, more people are talking about this famous "Ketan Durian Lumer".. Well.. I've never tried it before.. but Im assuming and take my friends testimonies on how it taste..

So, im trying to make mine..

This is it,..

Ingredients :

800 gr sticky rice - rinse well - soaked in water for an hour
500 gr of seedless durian
750 ml thick coconut milk - boiled and take 250 ml for the sticky rice
1 can of condensed milk
2 tbs custard powder
2 egg yolk

How to execute :

1. Steam sticky rice for half and hour (after the water boiling) - set aside
2. In a big bowl, take the rice out, pour 250 of coconut milk - add 1tsp of salt - stir well till all the milk absorb.
3. Steam it for 40 minutes (im adding pandan leaves in the bottom of steamer)
4. warm the coconut milk - add condensed milk.. stir well
5. Add durian - stir well till
6. get half cup of water - mix with custard powder and egg yolk
7. When its boiling, add custard and egg yolk.. do it by adding the hot milk, stir well and pour it to the hot solvent back.
8. When it start to boiled, turn off the stove, set aside.
9. Take a pyrex - put sticky rice as based, and pour the durian on top.. Let it cool, and ready to serve..

Well.. simple, isnt it?
Try it, and dont be sorry for eating it.. #heaven..

Hope you like it as my hubby does :)

Sabtu, 03 Oktober 2015

Modesty Pizza - easy to make..


I must say, that having a 9-year-old-pre-teenage girl is fun..
Means that i have to be very creative in having an activity which involves both of us..
Besides sewing and singing, my daughter loves cooking..

So, i browse around, modifying some recipes.. and this is one of them..

Modesty Pizza -why modest? cause its very easy to make - hassle free and taste delicious as well.
The recipe is as follow :

Ingredients :
250 gr of multi purpose flour
1 sachet (11 gr) of instant yeast
2 tbs of oil (using vegetable oil)
1 full spoon of margarine
pinch of salt
2 tbs of sugar
1 tbs of milk

Sauce :
Mixing 2 tbs of tomato sauce - 1 tbs of mayonaise - 1 tbs chili sauce - pinch of mixed herbs
Toppings shall be on your preference - im having chicken sausages and corn.. for savoury
and banana - cheese for sweet pizza

How to make :

1. Prepare the yeast by mixing yeast, sugar, oil and 1 tbs of sugar into a bowl.. Pour half cup of warm water, stir well until its ready.. (its foamy when ready)
2. In bigger bowl - pour flour, instant milk, salt, sugar and yeast solvent.. Stir well, i add margarine and sugar. Mix well till it set. Set aside for 30 minutes, and cover the dough with wet kitchen towel.
3. Prepare the pan, get half of the dough - spread evenly. Pour the sauce mixture and add toppings
Do the same with sweet pizza, however, im not using any sauce for sweet pizza..But, i add some sugar before putting banana and covered it later with cheese
4. Turn on the stove - ensure you have proper heat . Takes around 10 minutes to make the cheese melt and the dough is ready. And yes, its ready to eat now.. :)

Enjoy your pizza, guyz.. Hope you find it as simple and easy as what i thought so..