Sabtu, 31 Mei 2008

Keluargakuw.. Surgakuw..

For me... Family does matter.. they give me strength, spirit, cheer me up when Im down..

Me, like a normal human being, sometimes feel a bit down.. and when im down, all I gotta do is just checking my thumbdrive to see some of my family pictures, or calling my hubby and my children.. just to hear them say.. "We love you bunda.. " That will definitely make my day..

Sometimes, my hubby and I got into some quarrel.. not that we dont love each other.. Its just that even though we've know each other for years, still two persons is different than one.. If you can see what i mean.. We have different point of you and compromise is the only thing that work best for us.

When I got tired, and he got tired of quarelling, we just hugs each other and say sorry.. For some relief, I use to show him some messages that he sent me years ago.. showing how far we are right now.. blessed with two lovely children that become our strength.. even in our bad times..

We can hardly make ends meet, but the priority is very clear.. Our children are the priority.. Whatever it takes.. they are our priority.. We have endless prayers for them.. Hopefully they know how much we care.... As we love them unconditionally...

Kamis, 29 Mei 2008

Chocolate.. anyone..

Chocolate.. Anyone.. ??
I cant declare my self as a chocolate lover, indeed I am quite fond of it.. Dark Chocolate mostly, even I cant hardly refuse any other chocolate..
I believe that I inherit it from my late father.. we both have dark chocolate everytime we went out fishing together..
Anyway, the chocolate cakes on top is the first birthdaycake that i made. Its for my mother in law - Butter cake with dark choc ganached, topped with jellies and garnished with sprinkles.. Using low fat butter and soy bean milk for the cake, I think the taste is not as good as 'the sinful' one.. as I always use butter and full cream milk :)
The chocolate stick is some orders I got from a friend.. who said that she'll be giving it to the orphanage house.. (Insya Allah bermanfaat)..

Baking for fun..

This is what I do in my spare time.. I love baking, well.. not cant say only baking, moreover I love cooking..

My love ones adore my cooking - that inspired me to do more for them.. Since I spent very little of my time with them..

They are, indeed.. my valuable..

Rabu, 28 Mei 2008


Blueberry Pancake..

Cant say that im quite fond of blueberry.. aparently my daughter seems to inherit that from me. She finished 3 pancake that garnished with moraschino's cherry, topped with a bit of blueberry jam and sweetened milk.


People get their strength from different sources.. Mine? Got them from these people.. I feel alive when they're around me.. they give me strength, never let me down even in some harsh condition that occured lately.. I love you guyz..

Kamis, 22 Mei 2008

Hectic Atmosphere @ Work

Duluuuuu bangeeettt..

Gw jatuh cinta sama nie kantor.. suasananya kondusif, segala sesuatu dapat dipermudah, orang-orangnya juga asik-asik.. no hurt feelings.. segala sesuatu saling bantu..

Everything was crystal clear..

And then.. unlike any other cinderella story, life is never unspoken, life can never be predicted, life is easy but still complicated, and there are no such thing like.. it will last forever, or happily ever after.. The storm began..

Not that I complain my biggest Manager as he is a very humble man.. Just some people around him that trigger the gun.. that explodes several times a day..

Capek banget rasanya.. sampe2 gw berpikir kalao its no longer self esteem being here.. its just basic needs... cuman ngliat anak2 gw..mengingat kebutuhan2 mereka.. THAT's ABOUT ALL!!!!!

My heart for this company has gone.. Probably, many of these newbie has complained about me.. yeah.. like i care..

Positifnya.. disini baik untuk belajar (hmm... dengan segenap ujian setiap hari.. kapan coba??)
Negatifnya??? Doesnt take a genious to know that there're lots..and lots.. and lots... I've always try to think positive when a few things collaps in my hand, however, still.. always fail to understand the positive side which encourage my couriousity.. Is it just me?? or what??

Lepas dari apapun.. being here is only to fulfill my needs.. basic needs.. else?? NO.. NADA..
Anywayyy.. gw berpegang dari salah satu dalil bahwa kerja itu ibadah..jadi musti iklas.. udah deeehh.. hehehe...

banyak2 istigar mungkin itu kuncinya yA??... kita lihat saja nanti dhe.. pertama kali posting kayaknya gw banyak komplen yaa..

Anyway.. .guyzz.. paling least gw ada yang bisa dbawa pulang tiap bulannya.. *alhamdulillah.. doakan biar gw tetep amanah.. sabar.. tawakal.. amien..