Sabtu, 31 Mei 2008

Keluargakuw.. Surgakuw..

For me... Family does matter.. they give me strength, spirit, cheer me up when Im down..

Me, like a normal human being, sometimes feel a bit down.. and when im down, all I gotta do is just checking my thumbdrive to see some of my family pictures, or calling my hubby and my children.. just to hear them say.. "We love you bunda.. " That will definitely make my day..

Sometimes, my hubby and I got into some quarrel.. not that we dont love each other.. Its just that even though we've know each other for years, still two persons is different than one.. If you can see what i mean.. We have different point of you and compromise is the only thing that work best for us.

When I got tired, and he got tired of quarelling, we just hugs each other and say sorry.. For some relief, I use to show him some messages that he sent me years ago.. showing how far we are right now.. blessed with two lovely children that become our strength.. even in our bad times..

We can hardly make ends meet, but the priority is very clear.. Our children are the priority.. Whatever it takes.. they are our priority.. We have endless prayers for them.. Hopefully they know how much we care.... As we love them unconditionally...

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