Kamis, 29 Mei 2008

Chocolate.. anyone..

Chocolate.. Anyone.. ??
I cant declare my self as a chocolate lover, indeed I am quite fond of it.. Dark Chocolate mostly, even I cant hardly refuse any other chocolate..
I believe that I inherit it from my late father.. we both have dark chocolate everytime we went out fishing together..
Anyway, the chocolate cakes on top is the first birthdaycake that i made. Its for my mother in law - Butter cake with dark choc ganached, topped with jellies and garnished with sprinkles.. Using low fat butter and soy bean milk for the cake, I think the taste is not as good as 'the sinful' one.. as I always use butter and full cream milk :)
The chocolate stick is some orders I got from a friend.. who said that she'll be giving it to the orphanage house.. (Insya Allah bermanfaat)..

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