Senin, 02 Juni 2008

Reality Bites

Pagi ini.. sebuah pesan dari seorang teman baik mengejutkan saya..

Mbak.. I think Im gonna quit my job.. Well.. she told me an endless story of how could it happened..

I stunned.. a bit suprised, since I know as a single parent, she has a son to take care of, and lots of consideration that she must think of.. Well.. there gotta be something BIG.. I mean.. REALLY BIG that makes her decide that she really must go on..

My friend.. is one of the sweetest person that I ever met. .. She is a very strong person, but still sometimes can lost her insanity.. (just like me)... I keep reminding her that she's sweet, smart, but still some painful experience that hurt her psychologically, become her biggest obstacle in life.

But now, she has decided to LEAVE. Due to some jurk that work as her superior. I understand that to become manager, being smart is not the only thing.. but moreover, you have to put your self in the other chair.. have empathy.. be sympathic.. things that seems so easy to do, but people hardly do it.. They think if salary really matters, as the occupancy is getting high, you can get workers easily..

I have to admit that I got tired meeting this kind of people.. some people that think that they are high standard, but turn out to be a bunch of smart-asses.. And they keep forgetting something.. that employees are the company's assets.. they should not treat them like HELL....

What suprised me on this incident is because there's some verbal violent involved. For me, that's unacceptable.. thus, she also mentioned a bit sexual harrasment.. I believe if she can file a report that will be a total humiliation for the company..

This guy, when you meet him, doesnt seem pretty decent at all.. What I meant, even a blind-eye Moody can tell that he's a very (pse forgive my word).. picky... I can see it clearly ever since I met him.. I thought it was just a bad prejudice, however it turn out to be 100% true..

well.. what can I say.. I believe that God prepare the best for her.. Best of luck for my sweetie buddy.. .

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