Selasa, 17 Juni 2008

Dementor?? Iiihhhh

Pagi-pagi... gw dah sibuk blogging.. heheheh..

Udah setaun rasanya blum posting apa2.. jujur aja banyak banget yang mau dituangin di kepala.. waktu buat bloggingnya yang aga2 kurang bisa di manage :)

Pagi tadi.. iseng2 buka salah satu blog.. isinya tentang Dementor..

Buat yang udah pernah baca Harry potter.. pasti tau Dementor apaan.. It is a creature that sucks happiness from other people. .. Baca positingan si Mbot.. pemilik blog itu..bikin gw realize.. bahwa di kehidupan sehari-hari.. banyak banget yang bisa digolongin jadi Dementor..

Gw cuman takut.. naudzubillah.. jangan sampe gw jadi salah satu Dementor itu.. Banyak banget..terutama belakangan ini di kantor.. whom i felt suck my happiness..

Like what i wrote in my last posting.. I used to fall in love with this office, this environment.. SEkarang pelan-pelan rasa itu pupus.. gw agak 2 ilfeel sama kerjaan.. It could be because I had enough..more works to do.. but only a few things that I can learn..

I felt so intimidating when im around the dementor.. Cant hardly say the specific name.. but after reading the post, and some inspiring articles.. I believe its time for me to stand up.. facing what's in front of me.. saying whats right is right.. and speak out loud.. As long as I kept my manner.. I believe I can hang on here..

To be truth.. I am looking for a new job now.. I actually want it to be part of the operation division - as I got some scholarship from BI - which is a bit useless in my current post. But, if I left, it;ll be damn hard to get someone doing my job - who can use the word Assist instead of backing up.. or even support instead of doing hanky panky...

Dementor, sometimes can change into a dark angel.. if you can see what I meant.. it wont suck happiness directly, it will add some pleasure but pain in the end.. geeezzzz...

I miss all my friend @ N2.. I miss this office in the old days.. Most of my friends left already.. People that I admire left for good.. my fellow sister will be leaving soon.. I dont know who will follow her step next month..

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Agung "si mbot" Nugroho mengatakan...

terima kasih udah mampir ke rumah si mbot :-)