Kamis, 19 Juni 2008

Pasar Tradisional.. yuuuukkkk...


I love traditional market.. everywhere I go.. I prefer to go to the fresh market..instead a super duper hyper market..

Kunjungan ke pasar tradisional adalah salah satu agenda wajib saya di akhir minggu.. Entah kenapa, I enjoy every visits there.

Do you happen to know that the main ingredients to make rawon is hard to made? Kluwek.. or some people called it picung..or else, is originally came from a fruit that look alike a small jackfruit. IT has seed inside.. When its ripe, than you burried the fruit underground for around 3 days.. Afterward, we can called it Kluwek..

When i was in my younger age, I learn how to pick it, to avoid bitter taste in rawon.. since high quality spices will have high impact in its taste. Up till now, I managed to taste the different between good kluwek nut and bad one.

In the traditional market near my house, I find some rare - snakehead fresh water fish.. traditionally it called ikan gabus - most of us find these salted dry fish.. but there, i can still find fresh ones..

I dont dare to try.. The price for a kilo ranges from 25-35 thousand. Well.. maybe next time..

Else, other reasons why I found traditional market soo interesting.. I always found some funny taste- rare to find vegetables.. I shall inform you further what I found in my next posting..

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