Selasa, 22 Februari 2011

Tarzan is in town..

Sometimes, I wonder what people have in mind . In my life, I came accross and met a lot of people from different races, cultures, religions. Consists of different shapes as well, tall thin, short, plumpy, but yet I never never came accross or meeting some incidents that involved physical calling.

For me, one of the lowest saying is to call someone base on their physical condition. It is bad enough to hear children caling each other with bad names, but its even worse to hear an adult, a respective member of top executives calling his colleague with such names .

Is it wrong if I suddently lost my respects to him? For someone who is highly educated, having such a position, calling his colleague with such words is hard to understand.

Aren't we all human, created in diversity full of imperfections but yet, perfect as. God creations?

At a moment, I stunned when it happened. I try to understand that maybe we have look at things from different angle. But please forgive my word, don't you thing there are thousands even million of other words that you can use?

Apparently, mes ames .. Manners doesn't always go in line with education background you have. I have seen a lot of people in the street laughing, chatting, yet they can sit well and talk decently. And yes, I saw man with ties in high rises which has manners as an uneducated tarzan.

In this case, what else can I say besides :

"Watch out ladies.. Tarzan is coming to townnnn.... "

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