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How to be a good receptionist

Dear Readers,

Kali ini, ijinkan saya posting sesuatu yang mungkin bisa berguna bagi nusa bangsa  beberapa orang :


Part 1 : Having the Right Skills

Being a receptionist is far from easy. As you represent the company, you must have the right skill on doing so.

Below is what you need to have to be a good receptionist :

1.      Multi tasking
Considering that you are meeting visitors/clients and deal with employees as well, not to mention handle several admin matters, you need to be able to do it in a fashionable way.
2.       Have handy telephone list
Considering the task you are having, please ensure you have created your own handy telephone list. Listing them orderly and easy to understand when you are away.
3.       Have a know-how to do simple Microsoft Office file.
4.       Know your ‘tools’ – means that you need to be able to deal with electronic equipment that you are dealing with every day.
5.       Be Dependable (dapat diandalkan)
6.       Be a good listener, when there are people who need to have your assistance, ensure that you listen to them first, and try to offer the best solution you have. If you don’t have any, please do not hesitate to direct it to your supervisor.
7.       Answer the phone politely, and not more than 3 rings. Standard Greetings for us is –
 “PT ..... , Good Morning” .. other greetings which is acceptable
“ PT ....... – how may I assist you?” ..
-          Listen Carefully to the caller. Ensure that you got the name right. Repeat back if necessary. Write the message (if he/she plan to leave it) and read it to reconfirm with caller.
-          Direct the call politely, never underestimates the caller despite the accent/language that he/she may use.

8.       Greet delivery personnel (courier) with the same professionalism and politeness as any other visitor. This includes but not limited the same treatment you must give to all employees, no matter the level they are in.

Part II : Presenting Yourself Well

1.       Have a positive attitude
Considering you are company’s front liner, please ensure that you always have a cheerful smile on your face. Try to do your best to accommodate them, no matter how difficult they are. This includes visitors, couriers or employees.

2.       Have a greeting ready. Ensure that people are not feeling neglected.

3.       Be respectful, treat people rite. As this is work, no one wants to know how bad your day has started. Leave everything on where it should be.

4.       Dress to impress. Sandal or flip-flop is a big NO when you are in reception. Keep your appearance tidy. Over make-up is far from necessary, but a touch of blush on and soft lipstick will surely kick a smile.

receptionist.jpgTips and Tricks

1.       Keep personal biz out of your working area. This includes internet/computer usage during working hours.
2.       Find someone to take the desk when you are away for your personal needs (toilet/shalat, etc.). Ensure the person know how to replace you temporarily.
3.       Be sincere, never ‘fake’ being nice as people can see right through it. You can easily bring down the reputation of the company for doing so.

4.       Never get into an argument either with visitors, caller or colleagues. Be respectful and high manner. 

Nahh... sekian postingan yang cukup serius dan rada nyinyir (as always).. 
Semoga berguna ya.. 

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